Uppa Cut - Fiberglass Cutting Compound

Uppa Cut - Fiberglass Cutting Compound

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Uppa Cut - Fiberglass Cutting Compound
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Supreme Fibreglass Cutting Compound Power-Packed Precision for Your Fibreglass Finish Product Description: Unveiling Uppa Cut, is the ultimate solution tailored for the fibreglass enthusiast. It's more than just a compound; it's precision in a bottle. Designed to revive and restore, Uppa Cut effortlessly removes oxidization, scratches, and other imperfections, leaving fibreglass surfaces looking rejuvenated and mirror-like. Dive into the brilliance of your boat, RV, or any fibreglass item, and watch it shine with unparalleled clarity and depth. Benefits of Uppa Cut: Deep Cutting Action: Delve beneath the surface to eliminate the most stubborn marks, stains, and blemishes. Brilliant Finish: Not just for restoration, but also to amplify shine and radiance, ensuring a showroom-like appearance. Easy Application: Its smooth consistency ensures easy application, both by hand and with machine buffers. No Residue: Uppa Cut leaves behind zero traces, meaning no more bothersome white residue on plastics or trims. Safe and Effective: Formulated to be gentle on your fibreglass while ensuring maximum efficiency in cutting through imperfections. How to Achieve the Perfect Finish with Uppa Cut: For Hand Application: Preparation is Key: Ensure the fibreglass surface is clean and free from dust or grime. Shake Well: Before application, make sure the compound is well-mixed for consistent results. Apply Sparingly: A little goes a long way. Place a small amount on a foam or microfiber applicator. Rub Gently: Use a circular motion, applying moderate pressure to work the compound into the fibreglass. Wipe Away Excess: After working on the desired area, use a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess compound and reveal a sparkling finish. For Rotary Buffer Application: Preparation is Key: Ensure the fibreglass surface is clean and free from dust or grime. Shake Well: Ensure the compound is thoroughly mixed. Buffer Setting: Set your rotary buffer to a medium speed. Apply to Buffer Pad: Dab a small amount of Uppa Cut onto the buffer pad. Work in Sections: Starting in a small section, apply the compound using a steady back and forth motion, ensuring even distribution. Buff to Perfection: Increase the buffer's speed slightly and continue buffing until you achieve the desired level of shine and smoothness. Wipe Clean: Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining residue.


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