Captains Rescue Kit

Captains Rescue Kit

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Captains Rescue Kit

A versatile 2-in-1 Wash & Flush gun, Salt Wash Detergent, and Engine Flush Solution. Wash away salt & prevent corrosion with the easy to use Kit

A versatile 2-in-1 Wash & Flush gun, Salt Wash Detergent, and Engine Flush Solution. Wash away salt & prevent corrosion with the easy to use Kit



Washing & Flushing your boat shouldn't take long, and it shouldn't be a chore! So we designed this epic bundle to help you get more time back after a day out on the water and have peace of mind by preventing corrosion with these unbeatable formulas and tools

How does it work?

The Captain's Musket

It's a multi-use wash and flush tool that can be used for the following applications 👇🏼

1. A Foam Gun It can be used as a Foam gun to suds up the outside of your boat and remove salt crystals. Switching it to rinse allows you to rinse away the suds quickly.

2. A Flush Device By removing the foam nozzle and keeping the female quick connector on, you can plug the Captain's Musket onto any flush port and flush your exhaust or cooling system with our Anti-corrosion Engine Flush Solution.

3. Foam Brush Handle Screw our foam brush attachment onto the end of the musket, and you now have yourself a foam brush (Just like at the DIY Car Wash Bays)

The Salt Wash

This solution was designed to get a longer-lasting detergent. With its high viscosity, you'll get longer suds time out of your foam gun, which means more coverage on your boat. Its anti-rust and corrosion properties help prevent that disease that likes to kill all our fun with the things we spend a ton of money on. You'll see immediate results with this solution.

The Engine Flush

This lab-tested lower-viscosity solution is designed with three things in mind: Quick injection into your cooling system, heavy Anti-rust and corrosion properties and simplicity. All you need to do is run this through your cooling system or motor on your boat or PWC and have peace of mind that you won't see the boat mechanic for internal corrosion if you're religiously flushing your motor with Salty Captain's Engine Flush.



Salty Captain's simplicity shines through with QR codes for quick and easy instructions on every product. Enjoy a hassle-free, user-friendly approach.

Here's a quick rundown

1)Foam the outside of the boat with the Salt Wash 

2) Switch the Musket to Rinse and rinse off the Suds 

3)Pull the Nozzle off the front of the gun, fill the canister with the engine flush solution and plug the musket into the flush port of your boat 

4) Flush the system 

5)Pack it away


We use UPS for most of our deliveries. You can expect your parcel within 2-8 business days from when it leaves our warehouse. 
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Essential Boat Maintenance: A Guide to Longevity

Boat ownership is a commitment to both adventure and diligent upkeep. After the joy of a day on the water, certain steps are critical to maintaining your vessel. Washing and flushing may seem mundane, but they're vital to the health and longevity of your boat.

Saltwater: A Silent Foe

Saltwater is corrosive. It attacks your boat's surfaces and engine if not promptly and thoroughly removed. Regular washing with specialized products is crucial to counteract salt's damaging effects.

Salt Wash: Targeted Cleaning

A simple rinse won't suffice. Salt Wash is designed to dissolve and remove salt deposits from your boat's exterior. It's an essential step to prevent the corrosive effects of salt from setting in.

Engine Flushing: Vital for Vitality

Your boat's engine is at risk of salt-induced damage within its cooling system. Using a flush solution after each outing helps remove salt, protect against rust, and extend the engine's life.

The Captain’s Musket: Efficiency at Its Finest

The Captain's Musket serves a dual purpose. It dispenses foam for cleaning the hull and attaches to the engine for flushing. It’s a streamlined approach to the necessary cleaning processes.

The Bigger Picture

Maintenance goes beyond washing and flushing. It includes regular inspections, system checks, applying protective coatings, and replacing parts proactively. Proper storage also plays a key role in preserving your boat's condition.

The Consequences of Neglect

Skimping on maintenance leads to reduced performance and safety risks, not to mention higher repair costs. Regular care, especially after exposure to saltwater, is non-negotiable.


Every boat owner must prioritize maintenance. With the right approach and tools like Salt Wash, Engine Flush Detergent, and the Captain's Musket, you can keep your vessel in top shape, ensuring many more days of safe and enjoyable sailing.

Captains Rescue Kit
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