Mister Miyagi - Marine Carnauba Wax

Mister Miyagi - Marine Carnauba Wax

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Mister Miyagi - Marine Carnauba Wax

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Product Description: The Master Touch Carnauba Marine Wax, also known as "Mister Miyagi," represents the ultimate step in the restoration and protection of your marine vessel. After the meticulous process of cutting and polishing, this marine wax is the master's touch needed to seal and shine, ensuring a brilliant, long-lasting finish. Infused with premium carnauba, it provides an ultra-glossy, protective finish that reflects the precision of a master craftsman. Tailored for boats, yachts, and marine applications, Mister Miyagi is the key to achieving spectacular brilliance that endures.

Benefits of Mister Miyagi Carnauba Marine Wax:

  1. Superior Gloss: The premium carnauba formulation enhances your vessel's shine, reflecting light to perfection.

  2. Durable Protection: It forms a protective barrier against marine elements, saltwater, UV rays, and other environmental factors, preserving the pristine finish.

  3. Easy Application: Crafted for both manual hand buffing and machine application, ensuring a versatile and efficient waxing process.

  4. Natural Ingredients: Derived from the carnauba palm, this wax ensures an eco-friendly, natural brilliance.

Guide to Achieving Marine Mastery with Mister Miyagi:

For Hand Application:

  1. Surface Readiness: Ensure the surface is clean, treated with Uppa Cut, and polished with Gel Coate Genie.

  2. Shake Before Use: Mix the wax to achieve a uniform consistency.

  3. Wax On: Using a foam or microfiber applicator, gently spread a thin layer of Mister Miyagi across the surface.

  4. Circular Buffing: Gently work the wax into the surface using circular motions.

  5. Wax Off: After a few minutes, when the wax has hazed, use a clean microfiber cloth to buff and unveil the master's touch.

For Machine Application:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the surface has been pre-treated with Uppa Cut and polished with Gel Coate Genie.

  2. Shake Up: Achieve a consistent mix of the wax.

  3. Machine Setting: Use a low to medium speed setting for your buffer.

  4. Apply to Buffer Pad: Introduce a modest amount of Mister Miyagi to the pad.

  5. Glide and Shine: Let the buffer move smoothly over the surface, ensuring even wax application.

  6. Final Touch: Once the wax has hazed, increase the buffer speed slightly to achieve that ultimate shine. Remove any leftover residue with a soft cloth.

Recommendation: For unparalleled marine shine and protection, start your journey with "Uppa Cut," followed by the illuminative "Gel Coate Genie," and conclude with the master touch of "Mister Miyagi."

With Mister Miyagi Carnauba Marine Wax, you're not just protecting your vessel—you're embracing the art of marine care. Witness the magic, one wax at a time.


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