Lazy Bum - Vinyl Seat Cleaner

Lazy Bum - Vinyl Seat Cleaner

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Lazy Bum - Vinyl Seat Cleaner
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Title: Lazy Bum: Effortless Shine and Care for Your Vinyl Seats Product Description: Introducing Lazy Bum, the go-to vinyl seat cleaner for boat and RV enthusiasts. This superior cleaning solution effortlessly tackles grime, spills, and the everyday wear and tear that vinyl seats endure. Whether you're anchored in a serene bay or parked at a scenic RV spot, ensure your seats always look pristine with Lazy Bum. Benefits of Lazy Bum: Deep Cleaning Action: Dive deep into the crevices and seams of vinyl seats, extracting stubborn dirt and stains. UV Protection: Infused with UV inhibitors, Lazy Bum shields your seats from the harsh rays of the sun, preventing premature fading and cracking. Mildew and Mold Defense: Designed to combat the moisture-prone environments of boats and RVs, it offers protection against mildew and mould growth. Restorative Formula: Beyond cleaning, it restores the original lustre and softness of your vinyl seats, making them look and feel like new. Safe Application: pH-balanced and free from harsh chemicals, ensuring no harm comes to your vinyl surfaces or the environment. Convenience in a Bottle: Simply spray, wipe, and watch the magic unfold. No hard scrubbing or multiple applications. Application Instructions for Lazy Bum: Shake Well: Ensure the formula is well-mixed for optimal effectiveness. Spray Generously: Apply Lazy Bum directly onto the vinyl seat surface. Wait a Moment: Allow the solution to sit for a few minutes, letting it break down the grime. Wipe Away: Using a soft cloth or sponge, gently wipe the surface, lifting dirt and residue away. Buff to Shine: For an added sheen, use a microfibre cloth to buff the cleaned area. Regular Maintenance: For best results and longevity of your seats, use Lazy Bum as part of your regular cleaning routine. Lazy Bum ensures your boat and RV adventures are always complemented by gleaming, comfortable seats. Because when you're taking a leisurely break, the last thing you need is a messy seat!


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