Interior Cleaner 500ML

Interior Cleaner 500ML

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Interior Cleaner 500ml

Salty Captain’s Interior Cleaner is an easy to use product that will get the inside of your vehicle or vessel looking as good as the outside does with Salty’s Detergent. It’s great for cleaning plastic, vinyl, rubber, cloth, or carpet with one product. 

For big spills, little spills, particular stains, or general grime, this cleaner has you covered. 

Perfect for cleaning the interiors of Boats, PWC’s, 4WD’s, Cars, and RV’s.


For Plastic, Vinyl, or Rubber:

Spray and wipe. If grime is still present, spray some more on, wait a minute, brush it a little, then wipe it again.

Spot Removal: 

Spray cleaner on the spot and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Once elapsed, press a clean towel into the stain to draw out the stain + cleaner. 

If the stain is deep, use a soft brush to scrub it. Repeat the process until removed.

Textile Cleaning:

To begin, dry clean the fabric or carpet with a vacuum. Then generously apply cleaner to textile until the surface is damp. Let sit for 1-2 minutes, then wet a soft brush in water and agitate the area. Finally, rinse the material and use a wet/dry vacuum to begin the drying process. Repeat the process until the extracted rinse water is clear.