Wet Wipe- Water Spot Remover 16oz

Wet Wipe- Water Spot Remover 16oz

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Wet Wipe- Water Spot Remover 16oz

NOTE: The Musket - A Foam gun compatable with garden hose. The Foam Cannon - A Foam gun compatable with pressure washer

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Volume: 500ml/16oz

Product Description:
Meet Wet Wipe, your ultimate weapon against unsightly water spots. Whether it's your car's windshield, boat's hull, or home windows, this advanced water spot-removing solution revives the clarity and shine you desire. A quick spray and wipe, and you'll say goodbye to watermarks and hello to spotless surfaces.

Benefits of Wet Wipe:

  • Instant Clarity: Effortlessly eliminates hard water spots and residues, restoring pristine clarity to any surface.
  • Easy-to-Use Spray Formula: Convenient spray application means a no-mess, hassle-free experience.
  • Multipurpose Remedy: Perfect for vehicles, marine applications, and household use. A universal solution to a universal problem.
  • Gentle Yet Effective: Powerful enough to combat stubborn spots, yet gentle on your surfaces, ensuring no scratches or damages.
  • Quick Action: No need for long soaking or multiple applications; a quick spray and wipe is all it takes!
  • Economical: A little goes a long way, ensuring you get value for every drop.

Application Instructions for Wet Wipe:

  • Ensure Surface is Cool: Before application, make sure the surface is cool to the touch. This ensures maximum effectiveness and prevents any potential damage.
  • Spray Directly: Apply a Wet Wipe directly onto the affected area.
  • Let it Sit: Allow the solution to sit for a few seconds, permitting it to break down the mineral deposits.
  • Wipe Away: Using a soft, lint-free cloth, gently wipe the surface, removing the solution and dissolved spots.
  • Buff to Shine: For added lustre, buff the cleaned surface with a dry cloth, revealing a brilliant shine.

Harness the power of Wet Wipe, and never let water spots compromise the beauty of your assets. A clear vision and radiant finish are just a spray away!


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