Sun Stroke - Vinyl Seat Protector

Sun Stroke - Vinyl Seat Protector

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Sun Stroke - Vinyl Seat Protector
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Product Description: Once you've pampered your vinyl seats with the flawless finish of Lazy Bum, it's time to fortify them against the rugged realities of outdoor adventures. Meet Sun Stroke, the premium vinyl seat protector meticulously crafted for boat and RV enthusiasts. Designed to safeguard the resplendent shine and ensure long-lasting durability, Sun Stroke offers a protective shield against the unforgiving forces of UV rays, saltwater sprays, and everyday wear and tear. With Sun Stroke, you can extend the life of your vinyl seats, keeping them perpetually fresh and vibrantly appealing. Benefits of Sun Stroke: Superior UV Protection: Sun Stroke forms an impenetrable shield against the harmful effects of UV rays, preventing premature fading, cracking, and aging of your vinyl seats. Saltwater Resistant: Tailored for marine environments, Sun Stroke effectively repels salt and moisture, ensuring they don't seep into the vinyl, thus preventing corrosion and wear. Enhances Appearance: While providing protection, Sun Stroke also imparts a non-greasy, radiant finish to your seats, accentuating their aesthetic appeal. Long-Lasting Defence: A single application of Sun Stroke ensures extended protection, allowing you to embark on your journeys without a care in the world. Easy Application: Applying Sun Stroke is effortless; simply spray and spread. No rigorous buffing or repeated coatings are necessary to achieve the desired results. How to Use Sun Stroke for Optimal Results: Clean First: Initiate the process with a comprehensive cleaning of your vinyl seats, employing Lazy Bum for a thorough cleanse. Shake Well: Prior to application, ensure that the formula is well-mixed to activate its protective properties fully. Spray Generously: Evenly coat all vinyl seat surfaces with Sun Stroke, assuring comprehensive coverage. Spread Evenly: Employ a soft cloth or sponge to ensure uniform distribution across the entire surface. Let it Dry: Allow the protector to dry completely before utilizing the seats, guaranteeing maximum adherence and protection. Regular Re-application: To maintain enduring protection and shine, consider reapplying Sun Stroke every few months or following intensive cleaning sessions. With Sun Stroke at your side, embark on sunlit adventures with the assurance that your vinyl seats are fortified against the elements. Revel in the brilliance of perpetually well-maintained seats, trip after trip.


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