Lather it - Leather Cleaning Spray

Lather it - Leather Cleaning Spray

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Lather it - Leather Cleaning Spray

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Volume: 500ml/16oz

Breathe New Life Into Your Leather Treasures

Product Description: Step into the luxurious realm of leather care with Lather It - Leather Cleaner. This formula is uniquely tailored to pamper and rejuvenate your most beloved leather items. From auto interiors and furniture to jackets and purses, Lather It delves deep into leather's nooks and crannies, removing dirt, oils, and blemishes. What remains? Leather that gleams with its original, untarnished splendor.

Key Features of Lather It - Leather Cleaner:

  • Deep Cleansing Power: Sinks into leather pores, dislodging and eradicating deeply embedded dirt and impurities.
  • Kind Yet Effective: Formulated to clean without risking your leather's natural beauty and strength.
  • Multi-Purpose Formula: Perfect for a range of leather goods like car seats, furnishings, attire, and more.
  • User-Friendly: Makes leather cleaning straightforward and trouble-free.

Benefits of Using Lather It - Leather Cleaner:

  • Reclaims Authentic Shine: Resurrect the inherent glow and elegance of your leather items.
  • Extends Leather's Lifespan: Consistent care ensures leather remains pliable, warding off potential cracks or splits.
  • Universal Leather Care: Be it aniline, semi-aniline, or pigmented leather, Lather It is your go-to cleaning solution.
  • Budget-Friendly: Obtain salon-quality cleaning without the hefty price tag.

Instructions for Lather It - Leather Cleaner:

  • Patch Test: Always initiate with a spot test in an inconspicuous area to verify product suitability.
  • Apply: Dispense a moderate amount of Lather It - Leather Cleaner onto a smooth cloth.
  • Clean: Delicately massage the leather in a cyclical motion, ensuring thorough coverage.
  • Remove Excess: With another fresh cloth, eliminate any lingering cleaner.
  • Air Dry: Allow leather to dry organically. Stay clear of direct sun rays or intense heat.

To seal in the cleaning and offer additional protection, consider pairing with a trusted leather conditioner or safeguard post-cleaning.

Embrace the epitome of premium leather care with Lather It - Leather Cleaner, and marvel as your valued leather pieces undergo a spectacular revival.


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