Interior Cleaner 500ML

Interior Cleaner 500ML

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Interior Cleaner 500ML
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Salty Captain’s Interior Cleaner - 500ml Salty Captain's Interior Cleaner is the key to restoring the inside of your vehicle or vessel, ensuring it matches the pristine exterior treated with Salty's Detergent. This versatile product is designed for the ultimate convenience, effectively cleaning plastic, vinyl, rubber, cloth, or carpet with a single solution. Whether it's tackling substantial spills, minor mishaps, stubborn stains, or everyday grime, this cleaner has you covered, inside and out. Perfect for Cleaning the Interiors of Boats, PWC's, 4WD's, Cars, and RV's. Directions: For Plastic, Vinyl, or Rubber: Spray and wipe. For stubborn grime, apply more, wait a minute, brush lightly, and wipe again. Spot Removal: Spray the cleaner on the spot and let it sit for 1-2 minutes. Then, press a clean towel onto the stain to draw out the stain and cleaner. For deeper stains, use a soft brush and repeat the process until the stain vanishes. Textile Cleaning: Start by dry cleaning the fabric or carpet with a vacuum. Then, generously apply the cleaner until the surface is damp. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, wet a soft brush with water, and agitate the area. Rinse the material and use a wet/dry vacuum to begin the drying process. Repeat until the extracted rinse water runs clear. Salty Captain’s Interior Cleaner is your go-to solution for achieving a spotless and refreshed interior. Enjoy the ease and effectiveness of this product and keep your 4WD, boat, PWC, car, or RV looking its best, inside and out.


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