4wd Boss Wash Kit

4wd Boss Wash Kit

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Get this jammed-packed BOSS KIT with everything you need to keep that 4wd clean! 

What's in the kit?

- Telescopic Foam Brush

- 1L 4x4 & RV Wash

- 500ml Interior cleaning spray

- 500ml Rain repel (Window water beading spray)

- 500ml Wheel Wash Spray

- 500ml Final Touch Ceramic Detailer spray 

- The Captain's Musket (Wash & Flush Device)

- Soft Bristle Hand Brush (For rims, hard-to-reach panels and delicate painted surfaces)

- Hard Bristle Hand Brush (For scrubbing stubborn areas ie Wheel archers, Tyres, Bloody boat decks, Grimy non-delicate surface)

- Microfiber hand mit & dry towel pack