The Boat Owners Bucket

The Boat Owners Bucket

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Anti Rust Protection
Bundled to save
The Boat Owners Bucket
Anti Rust Protection
Bundled to save

Comprehensive boat care kit featuring 16oz solutions, cleaning tools, and a 15L bucket, perfect for maintaining and protecting your boat.

Comprehensive boat care kit featuring 16oz solutions, cleaning tools, and a 15L bucket, perfect for maintaining and protecting your boat.


NOTE: The Musket - A Foam gun compatable with garden hose. The Foam Cannon - A Foam gun compatable with pressure washer




The Boat Owners Bucket Box is the ultimate all-in-one kit for boat enthusiasts who demand the best in cleaning, protection, and maintenance for their vessels. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to keep your boat in pristine condition, with high-quality products and tools designed for ease of use and effectiveness.

Pain Points and Solutions:

  • Struggling with Dirt and Grime? The Boatie Wash And Wax and All Purpose Cleaner make cleaning your boat a breeze, effectively removing dirt and grime while adding a protective wax layer.

  • Worried About Corrosion? The Captains Seal Anti Corrosion Barrier provides a powerful shield against rust and corrosion, ensuring your boat’s metal components stay protected.

  • Need Effective Engine Maintenance? The Outboard & PWC Engine Flush helps maintain engine health by flushing out salt, dirt, and debris, preventing buildup and corrosion.

  • Looking for a Convenient All-in-One Kit? This bucket box includes all essential cleaning and maintenance products, along with the Captain's Musket and XL Chamois Towel, packed in a convenient 15L (approximately 4 gallons) bucket.

Kit Contents:

  1. Boatie Wash And Wax (Bubble Gum Scented) - 16oz: A dual-action cleaner that washes and waxes your boat, leaving it clean, shiny, and protected with a pleasant bubble gum scent.

  2. All Purpose Cleaner - 16oz: Versatile cleaner suitable for all surfaces, effectively removing dirt, grime, and stains from decks, hulls, and interior surfaces.

  3. Captains Seal Anti Corrosion Barrier - 16oz: Provides a protective barrier against rust and corrosion for metal surfaces, ensuring long-lasting protection and maintaining the integrity of your boat.

  4. Outboard & PWC Engine Flush - 16oz: Designed to flush out salt, dirt, and debris from outboard and PWC engines, helping to prevent buildup and maintain engine performance.

  5. Captain's Musket: A versatile cleaning gun for applying foam and cleaning solutions effectively across your boat’s surfaces and into the engine’s cooling system.

  6. XL Chamois Towel: A super absorbent towel ideal for drying your boat after cleaning, leaving a streak-free, spotless finish.

  7. 15L Bucket (Approximately 4 Gallons): A durable bucket perfect for mixing cleaning solutions and storing all the kit components, making it convenient to carry and use.

Product Features:

  • Comprehensive Boat Care: Includes all essential cleaning and protection products for maintaining your boat’s exterior and engine.

  • High-Quality Solutions: Features 16oz bottles of specialized cleaning solutions for effective and efficient boat care.

  • Versatile Tools: The Captain's Musket and XL Chamois Towel are designed for ease of use, making cleaning and maintenance quick and simple.

  • Convenient Storage: The 15L (approximately 4 gallons) bucket provides ample space for storage and easy transport of all the kit’s contents.

Key Benefits:

  • All-in-One Kit: Provides all necessary tools and products for comprehensive boat care and maintenance.

  • High-Quality Cleaning Solutions: Effectively cleans, protects, and maintains your boat’s surfaces and engine.

  • Easy and Convenient: Comes in a durable bucket for easy storage and transport, making boat maintenance straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Long-Lasting Protection: Ensures your boat remains in top condition, protecting against dirt, grime, and corrosion.

Keep your boat looking pristine and performing at its best with The Boat Owners Bucket Box. This complete kit provides everything you need for effective cleaning, protection, and maintenance, making boat care easy and efficient.


Usage Instructions:

Cleaning and Waxing:

  • Mix Boatie Wash And Wax in the bucket according to the instructions.
  • Use the Captain's Musket to apply foam to the boat’s exterior, scrub with a soft brush, and rinse off.

All-Purpose Cleaning:

  • Apply All Purpose Cleaner directly to dirty surfaces or mix in the bucket for larger areas.
  • Use a sponge or cloth to scrub and remove dirt, then rinse thoroughly.

Engine Maintenance:

  • Use the Outboard & PWC Engine Flush with the Captain's Musket to flush out the engine’s cooling system, ensuring thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Corrosion Protection:

  • Apply Captains Seal Anti Corrosion Barrier to metal surfaces prone to rust and corrosion, ensuring even coverage and protection.
  1. Drying:

Use the XL Chamois Towel to dry the boat’s surfaces, ensuring a streak-free, polished finish.


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